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From october 12th is open the deadline to apply for new mobilities in the modalities STA (to teach), STT (to receive training) or ISTA (to bring a guest lecturer to give training) to be carried out in the current academic year 2022-23 between 1 November 2022 and 31 May 2023. 


The application should be made via the link


The deadline for submission of applications is 12 noon on Monday 24.10.2022 with a view to deciding on successful applications during the week of the 24th.


Once the form has been sent, you will receive two pdf attachments in your e-mail, one with the confirmation of the form and the other with the MOBILITY AGREEMENT document for the academic year 2022-23, which must be sent duly completed to <> before the deadline, together with the other documents specified below :


Documents to be attached:

1. Photocopy of DNI/NIE only if participating for the 1st time 2.

2. Low resolution photo to be attached to the Mobility Agreement both if you are applying for the first time and if you wish to send an updated photo (Please, as low resolution as possible).

3. Curriculum Vitae in English whether you are applying for the 1st time or if you wish to update your CV from previous calls.

4. Proof of the language level requested by the host institution both if you are applying for the first time and if you wish to update your previous language level (The language requested for carrying out a teaching activity is normally English, although many institutions, especially in Italy or Portugal, do not apply specific language requirements).

5. Invitation letter from the requested destination (if available). 


Applicants interested in participating in KA103/KA131 and KA107 mobilities must send two different applications, one for KA103/KA131 and one for KA107. Likewise, applicants interested in bringing a company guest teacher (ISTA) must send a separate form, ticking this option and filling in the data requested on page 6 of the form. Applicants interested in participating in CSMVigo institutional projects, such as the Jornadas de Música Española, may choose this option for both KA103/131 and KA107. I will shortly send the confirmed dates for each of these projects. Most institutions wish to carry out these projects between February and April, although some institutions such as Sarajevo prefer to receive these projects in the first four-month period.


KA103/KA131 (EUROPEAN COUNTRIES): Eligible proposals will be sent to the requested destinations (maximum 2 destinations) who can accept or reject the proposals sent. In the event that the two requested destinations are able to accept the proposals sent, priority will be given to the first option requested. The 2nd option can only be funded if funds are available after the funding of the 1st option of all successful applicants. 


KA107 applications (NON-EUROPEAN COUNTRIES): Eligible proposals will be sent to the requested destinations for the purpose of organising Spanish Music Conferences or projects of an institutional nature. It will be up to the host institutions to choose the participating specialities according to their institutional interests. 


As a novelty compared to other calls, in the event of insufficient funds being available to finance all the proposals received, eligible applications will be prioritised as established in the call. 


For those who have never participated in a mobility call, I am sending you the link to the section of the website where you can find the documentation related to the participation in the mobility programme: To solve specific doubts related to the participation in the CSMVigo mobility programme to which you do not find an answer in the Mobility Protocols, please write me to this email <> to schedule a telematic or face-to-face meeting between all interested parties.

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