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Registration instructions:

a) Students of CSM Vigo (Documentation to present)

b) New Students (Times and documentation to present)

How to submit the documentation

Obligatory documents

  1. Registration forms

  2. Registration fees

  3. Taxas pago ​Seguro Escolar

  4. Image authorisation (word) (pdf)

  5. Change of teacher (only CSMVigo students) (word) (pdf)

Other forms for the registration

6. Form to Erasmus+ subjects (word) (pdf)

7. Recognition of ECTS  (word) (pdf)

8. Application form for the incorporation of common ECTS passed our specialty  (word) (pdf)

9. Application form for incorporation of ECTS recognized by the Dirección Xeral  (word) (pdf)

10. Application form for admission as practice (Pedagogy)  (word) (pdf)

11. Registration authorization form  (word) (pdf)

12. Enrollment extension (word) (pdf)



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