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 ECO Measures

Internal measures of the CSM of Vigo

The Commission of ecological issues of the CSM of Vigo has just approved in the meeting of 24 November 2024 the following recommendations to the Educational Community for a greater sustainability of the Centre and the best possible optimisation of the energy resources of the Conservatory.

In black are the recommendations that are already in place.

Certificates should be as dixious as possible.

Avoid as many copies as possible.

Use of digital devices for the classroom or work.

Minimum necessary heating hours.

Rational use of lights in the Auditorium according to the activity to be carried out.

Use of lifts only for people with reduced mobility and cleaning staff.

Switch off the lights when leaving the classroom, even for short periods of time. Switch off if the classroom is sufficiently bright for study or class.

Web area with ecological measures.

Increase the number of recycling containers (paper, packaging, etc.).

Prevalence of online meetings over trips.

Switch off extension sockets at the end of teaching and/or academic activity.

ECO cleaning products.

Links to information on green measures

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