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The Higher Conservatory of Music of Vigo was created in 1956 by municipal iniciative, became the first Higher Conservatory of Galicia in 1984. Some years later, in 1989, it acquired the category of State Conservatory, dependent on the Xunta de Galicia. The CSM of Vigo has been located near the historic park of O Castro, a privileged place in the city center since 1982.  Currently, the conservatory has three different buildings that house the Martín Códax auditorium, 47 classrooms, an orchestral room, a computer and electronics laboratory and 8 study rooms available to students. Since 2003 teaching has been dedicated  exclusively to the higher degree of Composition, Musicology, Pedagogy, Interpretation, and Production and Management. Among other recognitions and coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the CSM of Vigo, in 2006 the center received the “Vigués Distinguido” award.



Vigo is one of the most important cities in northwestern Spain and some of the city's relevant educational centers are the University, the Higher School of Dramatic Art, the Municipal School of Folk and Traditional Music and the IES Audiovisual.

Every year there are Open Days for visitors, and students interested in studying in our Center. Additionally, students have access to the study rooms from 8.30am to 9:30pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

We encourage cultural exchange

Due to the geographical location, the most widely spoken languages ​​are Galician and Spanish. On the other hand, thanks to the exchanges developed through the Department of International Mobility, languages ​​such as English, Portuguese, French, Italian or German are regularly spoken at the center. This makes Vigo's CSM an open and welcoming center for students of all latitudes.

Each year, the CSM of Vigo welcomes more than 300 students from different nationalities: Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, Latvian, Estonian, Austrian, Brazilian, Belgian, Italian, Korean, etc., which provides our center with extraordinary musical and cultural wealth. The Superior Conservatory of Music of Vigo is considered the most dynamic in Galicia due to its cultural activity. The Martín Códax auditorium has received celebrities from the musical and cultural worlds such as Teresa Berganza, Jan-Ives Thibaudet, Carmelo Bernaola, Tomás Marco, Cristobal Halffter, Luis de Pablo, Michael Chance, Lana Reverdie, David Russell, Alfredo Aracil, Xavier Montsalvatge , etc. . We currently have bilateral agreements with about 120 European conservatories and music colleges in more than 19 countries. We are also developing an intense Erasmus exchange activity, welcoming and sending a large number of teachers and students.

The International Relations office helps incoming and outgoing students achieve their goals. It also promotes their integration in the social and cultural activity of the Conservatory, and in the city.


Foreign Erasmus students can study for free, receiving the corresponding ECTS credit certificate completed once the course is completed. They'll find  a welcoming environment where most teachers speak English.



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