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Welcome to the web space of the Vigo Superior Conservatory of Music.


That October 1956, in which the Vigo Conservatory began its work, is now distant. From those beginnings in the center of the city to this almost idyllic place where in 1956 there would be no rice fields but fields, the music rides relentlessly along the slopes of the Castro, which emerges like fog on a cold and humid winter morning between the walls of this enigmatic building.


The history of this Conservatory is also the history of that Vigo of surprising vitality: a city full of nerve and energy, diverse and always in motion, which makes it one of the most dynamic cities in Galicia. As part of this vitality of the city, at the fervor of the industrial and economic takeoff of the city, the Conservatory was present from its beginnings, with half a dozen teachers, to the higher education center that it is today, with 76 high-level students. . Specialized teachers and almost 330 students, from all over Galicia, Spain, Europe and America. The cultural history of this city could no longer be understood without the musical context that marks the Superior Conservatory of Vigo, both at the teaching level and in artistic production, and which we hope to continue expanding in the future.


In the context of an increasingly disconnected and interrelated world, the Conservatory, as with the city, has to position itself and occupy a specific space that is its own and that at the same time serves to clearly identify itself; The excellence and quality of the teaching we provide must be our policy and our brand and hallmark.


We live in dizzying times where everything becomes ephemeral in just a few months, but knowing how to adapt to the moment is sometimes the key to success. We must face new stages that will be decisive for the future, which in turn will define the profile we want for our Center, our teachings, and whether it adjusts to the Vision that we will have of the Music that we carry within us in the next 10 or 10 years. 15 years


At an international level, we are currently the Higher Conservatory of Music in Spain with the greatest European projection, as demonstrated by the number of mobilities, both incoming and outgoing, in the last five years, which led SEPIE to recognize the CSM. of Vigo with the distinction of "good practices" within the Erasmus+ program. Vigo is talked about in the halls of the Academy of Music in Belgrade, in Sarajevo, at the NMAU in kyiv, at the Kolitarevsky Faculty in Kharkiv in Ukraine and even in China or Almaty (Kazakhstan). Teachers from Italy, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland, among others, demand to visit the CSM of Vigo, which represents for us an incentive that commits us to follow these lines of work, which are the fundamental pillars of the image of the CSM. CSM of Vigo inside and outside the walls that welcome us.

Since the 2023/2024 academic year, the CSM of Vigo has had the first University Master's Degree in Higher Artistic Education in the Autonomous Community of Galicia.


And for this, to successfully face this new stage, we need and want to have the collaboration of all the institutions that support us, and also those with which we share the same educational space. The Conservatory is not only the center of those who work there, teachers, staff and students; It is a global center, where everyone has a place.



Esteban Valverde


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